SinFulColors Magnetic Polish

Over the past year or so, SinFulColors has exploded, and recently the company jumped on the magnetic band wagon. Out of all the magnetic colors SinFul has, Captivate Me, really caught my eye. Captivate Me is a maroon polish with a tone of reflective glitter.

The application of the polish was easy. If your not going to add the magnetic touch to the polish, you can get away with one coat. How ever when using the magnet the directions say to apply two coats, so I did. I love this polish with out the magnet. When I used the magnet, it didn’t work well, and made the manicure look incomplete.

I don’t think I’ll be getting any more of SinFul’s magnetic polishes. It’s really not worth it for me.

Happy Painting


Pink Polish Month!

As we all know October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month! I have changed the look of my page in support, since I know a handful of breast cancer survivors.

Also Andrea who is a fellow blogger turned me on to ” Go Pink Wednesday” You can find more info on her blog at So every Wednesday starting October 3rd  I’ll be posting a different pink mani. If you would like to join or just show your support by posting pic’s you can post on my facebook page at You can also email me pic’s at  and I’ll be making a group pic that will be posted here, and forwarding them to Andres as well. Hope to see some fun pink mani’s in the coming weeks.

Happy Painting!

Orly – Fowl Play

I’ve been looking at Orly Polish for a while now, and never pick one up. But then I saw this polish on the shelve and new this would be the one I had to try. I’ve had it for a while, and never got to use it, since I have way too much nail polish. Did I really just say I have way too much polish? We all know a girl can never have too much nail polish. Any way Fowl Play is at the top of my list for fall colors. And that’s saying a lot since I’m a huge Essie fan.

Fowl Play is a deep purple with a ton of glitter mixed in. The glitter ranges in size from small silver specks to large copper flakes. The application of this polish was supper easy. The first coat when on smooth, and was a little thin. I was surprised by this. I thought since the amount of glitter it would be a little on the difficult side to apply. But Orly proved my thinking wrong. The second coat covered completely, and you can see the glitter so very well. The only thing I didn’t like was, once the polish dried, it shrank. So now my new mani looks likes like it’s over a week old.

More Orly posts and my thoughts coming soon!

Happy Painting!

Essie’s Limited Edition Yogaga Collection

Essie released their Limited Edition Yogaga Collection around the same time the Stylenomics Collection hit the shelves. I’ve spent a large chunk of time searching for all six of these colors. So I was so excited when I found the last color I needed, all alone on the shelf at my local Giant Eagle.

All the shades in the Yogaga Collection  are very natural. I’ve read some not so nice things in regards to the names of these polishes. The names are Marathin, Polities Hottie, Boxer Shorts, Gym Dandy, Yogaga, and Spinning Again.

I’ve read women complaining about the names Marathin, and Polities Hottie. I’m going to take a minute and speak my mind on this. These are just fun names for NAIL POLISH. The names are just that, names. If you take offence to the name of a nail polish I think you have bigger issues. I’m sure these same women had issues with other Essie polishes such as Trophy Wife, After Sex, and Rock Star Skinny to name a few. But ladies come on, we all enjoy our polish, and love finding out what crazy names that our favorite brand come up with this time. So leave it alone. I’m not a skinny women, I wear size 10, and I don’t have a problem with this. I think it’s fun, and enjoy the names that Essie and other brands come up with.

So on with the review. I love the broad mixture of colors in this collection. Yes its pink, red, blue, brown, but it’s how Essie formulated these colors. it’s not just brown, it looks like the color of tree bark. I know how can tree bark be pretty? It can be when you take a minute to think about nature, and bring that beauty into the world of nail polish.

Boxer Shorts –  is a bright purple blue cream polish.

Spinning Again – a deep brick-red cream polish.

Pilates Hottie – is a very pale pink cream polish.

Marathin – a bubble gum pink cream polish.

Gym Dandy – a medium brown cream polish.

Yogaga – a dark beige cream polish

The whole Essie Yogaga Collection was very easy to work with. All polishes when on with no streaking, and have a high gloss finish with out a top coat. How ever you should always use a top coat to ensure your manicure will last longer.

I love this Essie collection. Essie has brought us some amazing polishes this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing what my favorite brand has in store for the winter and holiday collections!

Happy Painting!

Red Carpet Manicure

I have heard so many bad things about Gel Nail Polish, and the horrible effects it can have on your nails. My mothers nails were destroyed my O.P.I. Gel Polish. So untill now, I have stayed away from any and all Gel Nail Polish. Then one day I found a request to check out Red Carpet Manicure on Facebook. I was intrigued, and found my self searching the isles of Ulta for the Red Carpet Manicure display.

I picked up the RMC Must Haves Kit (Purify, Erase, Prep. Structure, Brilliance,Revitalize), the Professional LED Light, and a few bottles of gel LED polish. Before I go on, when using a gel polish, make sure it will work with an LED light, not a UV light. The UV lights will age you hands and feet over time.

The first time I did my RMC mani/pedi, it took me about 4 hours. I know your saying ” what the ****, your crazy”. But the more I’ve done them, the faster I’ve gotten. I can now do my RMC mani/pedi in about 2 hours. The point I can’t stress enough is make sure you have all gel polish removed from your skin before you cure it under the LED light. Once you’ve cured your polish, you CAN NOT remove it, without removing the whole mani or pedi.

When curing your RMC Polish, I found it’s much easier to cure your thumbs first

Once I’ve finished with my thumbs, I paint and cure the rest of my fingers.

The RMC Pro LED Light is big enough that you can also do your toes!

For all my RMC mani’s I applied 3 coats of polish, with curing in between each application.

RMC Polish in Star Power. Star Power is a true neon. I love this color, This was the first color I used by RMC.

RMC Polish in And The Winner Is.  And The Winner Is – agreat shimmer teal, for any time of the year.

RMC Polish in Midnight Affair. This is a dark blue, that looks almost black when inside.

This is what my nails look like after 3 weeks of wearing RMC Polish. They are in the same condition as they were before I used RMC Polish.

As far as I’m concerned RMC Polish is the best Gel Polish out there. I will continue to buy RMC products, and I hope you will give the product a try, let me know your thoughts.

Happy Painting!

Tip Top Nail Chic (South Africa)

First off I would like to thank Joan at Tip Top Nail Chic for her wonderful contribution to this posting.

Tip Top was founded in 1981 by Joan Kahn.  Joan is a wonderful women who has been a huge help to me. She has answered all the questions I’ve had about Tip Top products. One question I asked was Where Can One Find Tip Top Products? Joan’s Answer – ” The products were originally sold in  Beauty Salons Countrywide and because of popular demand we were approached by  our biggest Retail Outlet in South Africa, Clicks Stores to take Tip Top to the  retail world, that was 5 years ago and we have never looked back.”. Tip Top currently doesn’t have their products over seas yet, however if your interested in trying Tip Top Nail Chic please contact Joan at

What amazing products Tip Top has. These polishes went on so smoothly, with out streaking or bubbling. They have wonderful pigments, that when dry have a shiny finish that every polish lover desires. The applicator brush is the perfect with and length, that makes it easy to work with.  Tip Tops Toughen Up Top Coat made each one of my manicure’s stay for over a week! For a mom that is always doing house work, plus being in school, that’s a long time! I can’t give Tip Top enough praise.

Tip Top Nail Chic – Get Ready. I love this color. It’s a pinky red, with just the right amount of shimmer. This is a color that can be worn year round, a must have!

Tip Top Nail Chic – Adrenalin Junkie.  This is an iridescent green, that shines in side and skimmers outside.  Green has been a huge hit this year and Tip Top hit the nail on the head with their take on the green polish craze.

Tip Top Nail Chic – Red Rendezvous is almost blood-red. A great cream polish to help bring your Autumn wardrobe to life.

Tip Top Nail Chic – Armourplate is sliver with tons of silver flecks incorporated into the mix. I love this polish. I have to say it’s the best silver I’ve seen soon far!

I love all Tip Top’s products. Over the past several weeks I put this polish to the test, and it did not chip, peal, or even begin to wear off. So this polish lover is convinced, that we have a good one here!

Happy Painting!

POP beauty nail glam

Mint Magic!

As I was looking through the nail polish at my local Ulta, I stumbled upon POP beauty nail glam. They only had 6 colors their, how ever I knew I had to have this one. My 3-year-old son said ” This is a good one mommy”! I knew he had made this decision for me.

Mint Magic is a bright mint green cream polish, with a high gloss finish. The first coat of this polish went on smooth with very little streaking. The second coat covered completely. I was left with a smooth glossy mint mani! I topped it off with Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat.

I love this color so much I had to put it on my toes too!

The only downfall is that 12 hours later it began to chip:(. I’m going to try this polish with a different top coat. I love this color too much to just give up on it!

Happy Painting!

Julep Fall 2012 Trina Turk

Julep Trina Turk Fall 2012 in Gunta and Popova!

As soon as I got these in the mail yesterday I had to get them on my nails ASAP! Julep never fails to bring us vibrant colors for each season. These are very pigmented cream polishes. Perfect fall shades

I only applied one coat! Sorry these are a little messy, pre clean up photo.  The base color is Gunta and my tips are Popova. I got tons of compliments on this mani today. Thanks Julep, and keep those monthly Maven Boxes coming!

Happy Painting!

Nicole by O.P.I. in Iris My Case

I’m not a huge fan of O.P.I., how ever I wanted to give their Nicole line a try. So off to the store I went, and picked up Nicole by O.P.I. in Iris My Case. I was drawn to this color, because in the bottle it reminded me of oil. I wanted to see if it would look the same on my nails. Plus it’s not like any other polish in my collection!

This polish is purple with a copper/brown color shift. Once I applied my first coat of polish I was excited to see the color shift. The fist coat was just way to thin for my taste, so I added another.  Once I applied my second coat of polish it was just a very shiny purple.

Besides the color shifting problem, I really liked this polish. It was easy to apply/work with. It also held up on my nails well, which is a surprise. The jury is out on this one.  I’m going to get another bottle before I make up my mind on Nicole by O.P.I.

Happy Painting!


NARS is a nail polish that I had never heard of before. A fellow nail polish lover told me I should give it a try. So as the old saying goes ” don’t knock it till you try it”. It took a little pavement pounding but I found NARS. And who doesn’t love the hunt for a brand or certain color of polish. I think that’s part of the fun. So any ways, Once I found NARS there weren’t a whole lot of colors that I was thrilled with. Of course I did find one amazing silver that I had to have, it’s called Space Odyssey.

I’m not sure I can even express how much I love this polish. The way it shines all the time. I could not get a good pic of it, due to the glare the polish was putting off. NARS Space Odyssey is full of tiny silver partials, that shine all the time. The polish went on very well, with no clean up. You got to love that. I did apply two coats, just to make sure I got the full effect of the polish. I’m intrested to see if all of his polishes are simillar?

If you’ve tried NARS please let me know you thoughts, and any recommendations on colors to pick up and review.

Happy Painting!