It doesn’t take me 2 hours any more. Also keep in mind that all polish must be removed from cuticles and skin befor curing under the LED light. Once the polish is cured you can not remove with out removing all the polish from that nail. I found it’s easier to do my thumbs first. 1)First you clean your nails with Purify, than apply a layer of Prep. 2)Once Prep is dry apply the base coat Structure (make sure to apply to tip of your nail), and cure under the light for the required time. The time will very depending on the light. RMC makes 2 lights the Pro Light and the Portable Light. 3)After the light goes off apply one coat of desired color (again apply to the tip of your nail as well) and cure under the light. 4)Apply another coat of polish (making sure to get the tip too) and cure, with the second coat I double the time under the light to ensure polish has hardened. 5)If the color is sheer you may need a third coat, but most RMC polishes only need 2 coats. 6)Apply a very thin coat of Brilliance making sure to apply some to the very tip of your nail cure under the light (I once again double the time to ensure polish is sealed well) Using a lint free Polish pad, and Purify wipe the top of nail to remove any excess residue. Apply the fallowing steps to all fingers and toes. When removing gel polish you need to fallow the directions or damage to your natural nail will occure. To Remove 1) Buff the shine off of all nails. 2) Soak a cotton ball in RMC Erace (I use acitone it works faster) and set on top on nail. 3) wrap nail and cotton ball in foil. 4) once all fingers have cotton and foil on them, place in a plastic bag for 5-10 min. 6) Remove hand from the bag, and start to remove the foil from your finger tips, if the polish isn’t all off, use and orange wood stick to gentely loosen any remaning on you nail. 7) Now your ready to put a new color on! Let me know if you give RMC a try, and if my instructions have been helpful!

Happy Painting!


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