This weeks mani is one that anyone can do. I wanted to keep it simple and subtle. I had a ton going on this week, and having to flashy of nails just wasn’t in the cards. I picked Essie’s – We Can Do It Pink!, because of how soft this shade is, plus I’m really into light colors right now.

Essie’s – We Can Do It Pink! is an older Breast Cancer Awareness polish. This polish is a cream polish that is almost white. In the picture above you can tell how white it can look, but it does have a slight hint of pink in there.

Since I was very pressed for time this week, I did this mani over a 2 day time period. The first day I painted my nails with my Essie shade, complete with base and top coat. The fallowing day I cleaned my nails with rubbing alcohol, so my cute decals would adhere better. Decals are a quick and easy way to make a plain mani fun and exciting. Any one can apply them, there is no special skill or glue needed. Just peal and stick!

 I know this look may not be for every one. I find this mani to be clean, subtle, and very versatile. This came out way better than I expected it too.


Happy Painting!





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