Every body seems to be wearing holo polishes these days.  I was a little unsure of this trend, but for research purposes new I was going to end up with one if not more in my polish collection. I was able to get my Layla holo for $1, thanks to sneeqpeek.com., Regular price is about $15 a bottle., and it’s worth it!

Layla Hologram Effect – 13 Purple Illusion

The name of this polish is very deceiving. It’s by no means purple. It’s magenta.

Before I even started to paint my nails, I used the holo effect buffer that came with my polish. I’m guessing it helps the polish go on smoother, so that the holo effect will be flawless.

The application of this polish is  on the tricky side. You can’t just put two quick coats on and go. I learned that the hard way, and had to start over. Let each coat dry before applying the next. I also let my mani dry for 1 hour , than put my top coat on. Some say that you loose some of the holo effect by adding a top coat. I didn’t notice any change at all.

Photo taken inside

Photo taken in indirect lite

Photo taken outside

I had a hard time photographing this polish, since it’s so reflective.

My hologram effect mani lasted over a week with no chipping!

This was my first experience with Layla Cosmetics. Even though their polishes are on the pricier side, I’ll be adding a few more to my collection.

Happy Painting!


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