Breast Cancer Water Marble!

I love water marbling, it’s any easy way to combine a few colors, in a creative way. For my breast cancer water marble I picked butterLondon’s Primrose Hill Picnic, with Essie’s I Am Strong and Imported Bubbly.

If you don’t know how to water marble, it’s easy and just follow my steps!

Fill a small bowl about half way with room temp water. (I use a clear bowl, I find it’s easier to see what i’m doing.) Depending on the kind of water you have, you might need to use bottled water.

Next starting adding your polish. How you do this is by dropping one or two drops of polish in the water. You’ll see it spread across the whole bowl, than apply one or two drops of a different color in the center of the bowl. Continue to do this till you have a bunch of polish colored rings on top of the water.

Once you have the amount of rings in the water take a tooth pick or orange wood stick, and start making your lines. Just dip the tip of you implement into the water and slowly bring your tool towards the middle , and through to the other side. Continue this procedure till you get the design your looking for.

When you see the design you like you’ll press you finger on to that area of polish in the bowl, and continue to submerge you finger into the water. While you finger in submerged, take your implement and dip it into the water. Make small circles to clean up the remaining polish. Remover your finger and see what you’ve created.


Some quick tips – I paint my nails white as the base, no matter what colors I’m marbling with. Also to reduce my clean up I tape off around my nails using scotch tape. If you choose to use the tape method, just make sure the tape it’s to close to your nails.

Happy Painting!


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