Essie released their Limited Edition Yogaga Collection around the same time the Stylenomics Collection hit the shelves. I’ve spent a large chunk of time searching for all six of these colors. So I was so excited when I found the last color I needed, all alone on the shelf at my local Giant Eagle.

All the shades in the Yogaga Collection  are very natural. I’ve read some not so nice things in regards to the names of these polishes. The names are Marathin, Polities Hottie, Boxer Shorts, Gym Dandy, Yogaga, and Spinning Again.

I’ve read women complaining about the names Marathin, and Polities Hottie. I’m going to take a minute and speak my mind on this. These are just fun names for NAIL POLISH. The names are just that, names. If you take offence to the name of a nail polish I think you have bigger issues. I’m sure these same women had issues with other Essie polishes such as Trophy Wife, After Sex, and Rock Star Skinny to name a few. But ladies come on, we all enjoy our polish, and love finding out what crazy names that our favorite brand come up with this time. So leave it alone. I’m not a skinny women, I wear size 10, and I don’t have a problem with this. I think it’s fun, and enjoy the names that Essie and other brands come up with.

So on with the review. I love the broad mixture of colors in this collection. Yes its pink, red, blue, brown, but it’s how Essie formulated these colors. it’s not just brown, it looks like the color of tree bark. I know how can tree bark be pretty? It can be when you take a minute to think about nature, and bring that beauty into the world of nail polish.

Boxer Shorts –  is a bright purple blue cream polish.

Spinning Again – a deep brick-red cream polish.

Pilates Hottie – is a very pale pink cream polish.

Marathin – a bubble gum pink cream polish.

Gym Dandy – a medium brown cream polish.

Yogaga – a dark beige cream polish

The whole Essie Yogaga Collection was very easy to work with. All polishes when on with no streaking, and have a high gloss finish with out a top coat. How ever you should always use a top coat to ensure your manicure will last longer.

I love this Essie collection. Essie has brought us some amazing polishes this year, and I’m looking forward to seeing what my favorite brand has in store for the winter and holiday collections!

Happy Painting!


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