First off I would like to thank Joan at Tip Top Nail Chic for her wonderful contribution to this posting.

Tip Top was founded in 1981 by Joan Kahn.  Joan is a wonderful women who has been a huge help to me. She has answered all the questions I’ve had about Tip Top products. One question I asked was Where Can One Find Tip Top Products? Joan’s Answer – ” The products were originally sold in  Beauty Salons Countrywide and because of popular demand we were approached by  our biggest Retail Outlet in South Africa, Clicks Stores to take Tip Top to the  retail world, that was 5 years ago and we have never looked back.”. Tip Top currently doesn’t have their products over seas yet, however if your interested in trying Tip Top Nail Chic please contact Joan at

What amazing products Tip Top has. These polishes went on so smoothly, with out streaking or bubbling. They have wonderful pigments, that when dry have a shiny finish that every polish lover desires. The applicator brush is the perfect with and length, that makes it easy to work with.  Tip Tops Toughen Up Top Coat made each one of my manicure’s stay for over a week! For a mom that is always doing house work, plus being in school, that’s a long time! I can’t give Tip Top enough praise.

Tip Top Nail Chic – Get Ready. I love this color. It’s a pinky red, with just the right amount of shimmer. This is a color that can be worn year round, a must have!

Tip Top Nail Chic – Adrenalin Junkie.  This is an iridescent green, that shines in side and skimmers outside.  Green has been a huge hit this year and Tip Top hit the nail on the head with their take on the green polish craze.

Tip Top Nail Chic – Red Rendezvous is almost blood-red. A great cream polish to help bring your Autumn wardrobe to life.

Tip Top Nail Chic – Armourplate is sliver with tons of silver flecks incorporated into the mix. I love this polish. I have to say it’s the best silver I’ve seen soon far!

I love all Tip Top’s products. Over the past several weeks I put this polish to the test, and it did not chip, peal, or even begin to wear off. So this polish lover is convinced, that we have a good one here!

Happy Painting!


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