I’m not a huge fan of O.P.I., how ever I wanted to give their Nicole line a try. So off to the store I went, and picked up Nicole by O.P.I. in Iris My Case. I was drawn to this color, because in the bottle it reminded me of oil. I wanted to see if it would look the same on my nails. Plus it’s not like any other polish in my collection!

This polish is purple with a copper/brown color shift. Once I applied my first coat of polish I was excited to see the color shift. The fist coat was just way to thin for my taste, so I added another.  Once I applied my second coat of polish it was just a very shiny purple.

Besides the color shifting problem, I really liked this polish. It was easy to apply/work with. It also held up on my nails well, which is a surprise. The jury is out on this one.  I’m going to get another bottle before I make up my mind on Nicole by O.P.I.

Happy Painting!


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  1. Wilhelmina says:

    I did a similar thing with the green Mermaid color. I put it on at night and wasn’t all thrilled with the color….looked like so many others I had. But then outside in the sunshine the next day, wow! It is just gorgeous, you can really see the color shift and I’ve gotten so many complements on it. Was thinking of looking for this one since I’m going to Target tomorrow….

    • I’m going to have to give Mermaid atry. Like I said I’m not giving up yet. I’m not sure if it just doesn’t work well with my skin tone or what. If you try Iris my case let me know what you think!

  2. I LOVE Nicole By OPI’s All Kendall-ed Up and Wear Something Spar-Kylie. They’re great layered, and All Kendall-ed Up is awesome on it’s own. I wear A-K-U a LOT, and when I apply it, I end up keeping it on for several days, unlike other colors/brands where I change daily or every other day. 🙂

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