I found Pix! nail colour at my local Target, while browsing through the isles. After doing a little research, I wanted to give this brand a try. Since Target only had a handful of colors, I grabbed them all. Target sells Pix! for $8 a bottle, and the bottle’s have 7ml/0.25fl.oz of 3 FREE polish in them.

Pictured is Pix! Nail Colour in Vivid Coral, and Coral Cabana. I chose these colors because Vivid Coral is a jelly polish, and Coral Cabana is a cream polish. I figured they would work well for the color blocking mani I had planed.

I started out this mani like all the rest, with Seche Clear for my base. I did however apply a coat of  Essie’s Blanc to make these colors pop a little more. Coral Cabana had great coverage. Two coats of polish, and it was smooth and vibrant. Vivid Coral, didn’t cover aswell, I applied three coats of polish to get the polish to look smooth. The third coat of polish bubbled, but that may have been me applying the polish to fast. I topped off my mani with Seche Vite dry fast top coat.

You can see in the pic’s how much thicker the Pix! Vivid Coral looks.

I Love the way my Pix! mani came out. The polish was easy to work with for the most part, and the brush was perfect. I was concerned since the brush was longer than my normal Essie brush, no problems there. After seeing how nice these polishes are , I’ll be on the look out for more Pix! Nail Colour’s.

Happy Painting!


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