Butter London Nail Lacquer, is a well known brand. I’ve heard a lot about it, so I decided I needed to find out for my self. So my journey began, and it wasn’t long before I found it at my local Ulta for $14.Image

For my Base I used Creative Sticky


The first coat Of Butter Lond Nail Lacqure in Primrose Hill Picnic went on thin, but covered well with very little streaking.


The second coat covered much better. The polish was still a little opaque, but I was satisfied with the result. I finished my manicure off with a Seche Vite top coat.

The application of Butter London was easy and it didn’t require much clean up. The only down fall I found was the brush. I felt it was on the thinner and stiffer side, compaired to other brands. Despite the brush issue, I’m very please with Butter London’s product.


In the Future I’ll be splurging for a few more Butter London Nail Lacquers!

Happy Painting!


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