RMC application, and removal

It doesn’t take me 2 hours any more. Also keep in mind that all polish must be removed from cuticles and skin befor curing under the LED light. Once the polish is cured you can not remove with out removing all the polish from that nail. I found it’s easier to do my thumbs first. 1)First you clean your nails with Purify, than apply a layer of Prep. 2)Once Prep is dry apply the base coat Structure (make sure to apply to tip of your nail), and cure under the light for the required time. The time will very depending on the light. RMC makes 2 lights the Pro Light and the Portable Light. 3)After the light goes off apply one coat of desired color (again apply to the tip of your nail as well) and cure under the light. 4)Apply another coat of polish (making sure to get the tip too) and cure, with the second coat I double the time under the light to ensure polish has hardened. 5)If the color is sheer you may need a third coat, but most RMC polishes only need 2 coats. 6)Apply a very thin coat of Brilliance making sure to apply some to the very tip of your nail cure under the light (I once again double the time to ensure polish is sealed well) Using a lint free Polish pad, and Purify wipe the top of nail to remove any excess residue. Apply the fallowing steps to all fingers and toes. When removing gel polish you need to fallow the directions or damage to your natural nail will occure. To Remove 1) Buff the shine off of all nails. 2) Soak a cotton ball in RMC Erace (I use acitone it works faster) and set on top on nail. 3) wrap nail and cotton ball in foil. 4) once all fingers have cotton and foil on them, place in a plastic bag for 5-10 min. 6) Remove hand from the bag, and start to remove the foil from your finger tips, if the polish isn’t all off, use and orange wood stick to gentely loosen any remaning on you nail. 7) Now your ready to put a new color on! Let me know if you give RMC a try, and if my instructions have been helpful!

Happy Painting!


Foot Saver!

IMG_20130310_131435In the resent winter months, my feet, have gotten incredibly dry. So I went on a search for a product that would save them. I heard wonderful things about Burt’s Bees Coconut Foot Cream, so i gave it a try. It works, but it wasn’t the fix i was looking for. I felt that it just coated my feet and created an illusion that my feet were on recovery. Then while flipping through the t.v. channels i saw Philosophy on QVC, and they were talking about this foot cream called Soul Owner. Since I’m familiar with philosophy, I did a little research, and decided to give it a try. Let me tell you that in just a few days my feet were on their way back to their normal soft and smooth self. At first I used it every day, and once they got to their normal state, I reduced the usage to every other day.

You can find this and other Philosophy products at QVC.com, Ulta or Ulta.com, or amazon.com.

This is not endorsed by Philosophy, QVC, Ulta, or Amazon

Happy Painting!

Go Pink Wednesday Week 5!

So this weeks mani was a huge challenge, since I did it while we were with out power, due to hurricane Sandy. I did a puzzle piece mani using Essie’s – Secret Stash, I Am Strong, Deborah Lippmann – Prelude To A Kiss, and China Glaze – Strawberry Fields. It’s quite simple to do, Just paint your nails with one of the four colors, once it’s dry you tape off sections to make four little squares. Then using a dotting tool, place one large dot in each color to make it look like the puzzle pieces fit together. The finishing look it pretty cool.

Sorry this picture isn’t the greatest. We still don’t have power, and I wanted to get this post up.

Happy Painting!

Go Pink Wednesday Week 4!

This weeks mani is one that anyone can do. I wanted to keep it simple and subtle. I had a ton going on this week, and having to flashy of nails just wasn’t in the cards. I picked Essie’s – We Can Do It Pink!, because of how soft this shade is, plus I’m really into light colors right now.

Essie’s – We Can Do It Pink! is an older Breast Cancer Awareness polish. This polish is a cream polish that is almost white. In the picture above you can tell how white it can look, but it does have a slight hint of pink in there.

Since I was very pressed for time this week, I did this mani over a 2 day time period. The first day I painted my nails with my Essie shade, complete with base and top coat. The fallowing day I cleaned my nails with rubbing alcohol, so my cute decals would adhere better. Decals are a quick and easy way to make a plain mani fun and exciting. Any one can apply them, there is no special skill or glue needed. Just peal and stick!

 I know this look may not be for every one. I find this mani to be clean, subtle, and very versatile. This came out way better than I expected it too.


Happy Painting!




I’m Still Here!

I am so sorry for the lack in posts over the past few weeks. I have been crazy busy with school and my son’s Birthday! I’ve been getting things in order for his party this coming weekend. I am hoping after this coming week things will go back to normal. I have polish lined up waiting to be reviewed, and a review coming your way on Joby nail art stickers! Please let me know if their is something you would like me to review, I’m always on the look out for new things to try.

Happy Painting!

Go Pink Wednesday – Week 3!

This week I did a very quick and easy mani, since I have a ton going on with school, and my son’s birthday. I used Essie’s We’re In It Together, and No Place Like Chrome, China Glaze’s – Naked, and Orly’s – You Are Not Alone. All but Essie’s – No Place Like Chrome, are 2012 Breast Cancer Awareness Polishes

I started off by painting my nails with one of the new Essie breast cancer polishes in We’re In It Together


Then on my ring fingers I did the fish tail braid Using Essie’s – No Place Like Chrome as the base, then alternated China Glaze’s – Naked, along with Essie’s No Place Like Chrome, and We’re In It Together


On my remaining fingers I put one coat of Orly’s – You Are Not Alone, to pull it all together!

I love the way this weeks mani came out! Hope you enjoy it too, plus I’ll have a step by step post on how to do a fish tail braid mani posted soon.


Happy Painting!

Layla Hologram Effect Polish

Every body seems to be wearing holo polishes these days.  I was a little unsure of this trend, but for research purposes new I was going to end up with one if not more in my polish collection. I was able to get my Layla holo for $1, thanks to sneeqpeek.com., Regular price is about $15 a bottle., and it’s worth it!

Layla Hologram Effect – 13 Purple Illusion

The name of this polish is very deceiving. It’s by no means purple. It’s magenta.

Before I even started to paint my nails, I used the holo effect buffer that came with my polish. I’m guessing it helps the polish go on smoother, so that the holo effect will be flawless.

The application of this polish is  on the tricky side. You can’t just put two quick coats on and go. I learned that the hard way, and had to start over. Let each coat dry before applying the next. I also let my mani dry for 1 hour , than put my top coat on. Some say that you loose some of the holo effect by adding a top coat. I didn’t notice any change at all.

Photo taken inside

Photo taken in indirect lite

Photo taken outside

I had a hard time photographing this polish, since it’s so reflective.

My hologram effect mani lasted over a week with no chipping!

This was my first experience with Layla Cosmetics. Even though their polishes are on the pricier side, I’ll be adding a few more to my collection.

Happy Painting!

Go Pink Wednesday! Week 2

Breast Cancer Water Marble!

I love water marbling, it’s any easy way to combine a few colors, in a creative way. For my breast cancer water marble I picked butterLondon’s Primrose Hill Picnic, with Essie’s I Am Strong and Imported Bubbly.

If you don’t know how to water marble, it’s easy and just follow my steps!

Fill a small bowl about half way with room temp water. (I use a clear bowl, I find it’s easier to see what i’m doing.) Depending on the kind of water you have, you might need to use bottled water.

Next starting adding your polish. How you do this is by dropping one or two drops of polish in the water. You’ll see it spread across the whole bowl, than apply one or two drops of a different color in the center of the bowl. Continue to do this till you have a bunch of polish colored rings on top of the water.

Once you have the amount of rings in the water take a tooth pick or orange wood stick, and start making your lines. Just dip the tip of you implement into the water and slowly bring your tool towards the middle , and through to the other side. Continue this procedure till you get the design your looking for.

When you see the design you like you’ll press you finger on to that area of polish in the bowl, and continue to submerge you finger into the water. While you finger in submerged, take your implement and dip it into the water. Make small circles to clean up the remaining polish. Remover your finger and see what you’ve created.


Some quick tips – I paint my nails white as the base, no matter what colors I’m marbling with. Also to reduce my clean up I tape off around my nails using scotch tape. If you choose to use the tape method, just make sure the tape it’s to close to your nails.

Happy Painting!

Michael Marcus

I stumbled upon my Michael Marcus polish on http://www.sneeqpeek.com. If you’re not familiar with sneeqpeek, it’s a website that has products available at discounted prices. They change the venders a few times a week, so it can be fun to find a new brand and get to try it at half the price. Any way I loved the satin look that Purplicious has.

I noticed that this polish went on smooth, easy, and covered completely with one coat. How ever I still applied a second coat, just to make sure I had the full effect of this polish. My manicure dried very fast, which was a surprise, since it’s not a fast drying polish.

I love Michael Marcus’s Purplicious. It’s a must have for any girl/women.

If you’ve tried Michael Marcus Polish please let me know your thoughts.

Happy Painting!

Go Pink Wednesday… Week One

I have been planning this mani for a while now.

I started with two coats of Essie’s – Good Morning Hope, and a top coat.

Once my polish was dry (I waited about an hour), I applied my stencil. I found sticky stencils at my local craft store.

Then I sponged on Essie’s – Check  Up using a  makeup sponge.

I love they way this turned out, but it still needed one more thing. I found these at my local craft store too. Pink crystal ribbons!

I love Essie’s Raise Awareness Collection, and my pink crystal ribbon put the finishing touch on my first Go Pink Wednesday mani!

Happy Painting!